I am an energy healer, intuitive and coach. I offer an array of different energy healing modalities and coaching to help my clients reach their next level of living.  Some of this work is done hands on while others can be done remotely. Either way I can assist just about anyone, anywhere reach their goals and enhance any area of their life.


• achieve flow state

• reduce stress

• weight loss

• reverse the look of aging

• relief from anxiety, depression & PTSD

• increase productivity

• improve physical health

• enhanced awareness    

• minimize mind chatter

• increased sex drive (better sex!)

• earn more income (more money)

• strengthen relationships

• more restful and deep sleep

• happier mood

• greater vitality

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how can this energy work help you?


The foundation for my work is Access Bars. 

The Bars are 32 points on the head that when contacted will start a flow of energy and erase years of considerations, judgments, fixed points of view, plus all of the stuck negative feelings, attitudes, and emotions that they hold in place.

It’s much like erasing an unwanted file from your hard drive with the mere stroke of a key. Having your bars run will remove these limiting thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

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