Access Bars®

125$ / 90 MINUTES

The Bars are 32 points on the head that when contacted will start a flow of energy and erase years of considerations, judgments, fixed points of view, plus all of the stuck negative feelings, attitudes, and emotions that they hold in place.

It’s much like erasing an unwanted file from your hard drive with the mere stroke of a key. All of this is stored in electronic fields around your body and comprise what is commonly called the mind. Having your bars run will remove these limiting thoughts, feelings, and emotions. It has the capacity to create shifts in your body, shifts in your levels of awareness, and shifts in your level of joy.

Some side effects of Access Bars may include:


-better sleeps

-stress reduction 

-increased productivity 

-increased awareness 

-improved mental health

-weight loss

-new mindsets

- relief from anxiety 

-reduced irritability 

-increased clarity

-increased sex drive (better sex)

-improved relationships 

-more abundance (more money)