Breatharian Energy Healing

170$ / 60 Minutes

Breatharian Healing uses your natural breathing process to connect to Source Energy/Quantum Field, expanding senses and perception to a tangible subtle energy interaction with frequencies of light and consciousness. Through the combination of conscious breath and life force energy you will experience neuro cellular detoxification, releasing traumas and unhealthy information from your Mind, Emotions, Body and Soul. These specialized breathing techniques increase the amounts of oxygen and energy within you, enhancing your life with lasting benefits, such as greater energy, integral wellness, and happiness. 

Some of the benefits of the Breatharian Energy Healing Sessions are:

-Experience the ultimate in detoxification
-Heal traumas, toxic thought and emotional patterns  -Remove toxic information from the body’s cells

-Eliminate fears and activate new levels of self confidences    

-Boost your physical and spiritual energy and experience quantum leaps in your potential and evolution

-Gain deeper connection and self love

-experience a new source of light and energy for vibrant health and happiness

-Access new states within the subconscious mind to create new pathways of information and energy

-Learn powerful and simple breathing techniques for your daily life