Reprograming / Coaching Sessions

125$ / 60 Minutes


The programs that we have running in our human mind creates the experience we have in our reality. Our health, success, happiness and all the components of our lives are determined by these programs. Reprogramming works very simply ... Our programs create our reality.  Change the program and have a new experience. 


We were imprinted and programmed at a very young age by our parents, teachers and society. We also interpreted experiences that made the mold of who we are and how we see the world today. All of those programs are stored deep in the subconscious mind and are blind spots hidden from us. During a Reprogramming / Coaching session, clients are guided through a number of processes to uncover their blind spots, find the beliefs and programs, and change the points of view.  When a client starts to see that their beliefs are not the absolute truth, Trauma is released and they begin to experience steadily increasing joy and a new sense of freedom. We are here to experience everything and anything we wish, reprogramming makes all of that possible. 

​There is always more room for joy in life – no matter how ‘successful’ it appears on the surface. I help my clients tap into that joy, and provide tools to sustain it in a safe and accepting environment to get them to their highest potential.